Lawrence Creative are a comprehensive design consultancy. We are able to provide a fully integrated design service in the areas of environmental design, communication design and graphic design. 


Most of our projects are carried out inhouse or, should the projects scale require it we will collaborate with our team of designers, architects and illustrators to deliver the best possible projects for our clients


Furniture and Finishes


After a thorough briefing process that can be undertaken face to face or remotely we are able to provide resolved and inspired design concepts for your project. We then communicate this concept via a number of presentation tools, 3D modelling programs, rendered branding placement, report documentation and physical or digital finishes boards.



We are able to provide full architectural and branding/graphic documentation packages for tender, construction and print.


Branding Identity


We create print ready logo and branding identities for your website and stationary.

Further to this we use our expertise in space to translate branding into the built environment to create fully integrated spaces that truly reflect a brand and an identity.

3D illustration


The value of being able to visualise a product before production is immeasurable. We are able to produce 3D illustrations for space and/or product to help you visualise your project/product. Using a collection of 3D modelling tools we are able to provide 3D concept sketches through to 3D renders that capture lighting conditions and finish textures.


Space analysis


After acquiring an understanding of how a space is used or intended to be used we are able to articulate a feasibility on a proposed space or, improve a current space. We consider not only the aesthetic qualities of a space but how people experience interactions and sensations within the space.




Weather its styling a property for sale or a space refresh we have varying styling services available. Ask us how,


Project Management


We are able to communicate with and guide trades on and off site to ensure successful delivery of your project.